Lancome O d’Azur Review

Has anyone noticed? I have my perfume mojo back and it’s actually because of this new scent.

Since January I’ve been feeling a little blah about some of the new scents. I was looking for something interesting and to be honest, after trying the By Kilian sampler package this winter, it was hard to go back to something that just didn’t measure up.

Until now.

Lancome O d’Azur is a flanker to Lancome O which I reviewed earlier this week. This new scent is supposed to smell like a bright summer afternoon. The opening notes include something called Caviar Lemon which is not a blend of salty caviar and lemon.  It is instead supposed to be a rare lemon that is so juicy that the insides look like little balls filled with juice – kind of like caviar.

The drydown consists of rose, peony, and then finally very slightly, musk, amber, and woods.

Like the original O, this is easy to wear, and quite long-lasting and tenacious considering that it’s supposed to be a fresh eau.  I like it just as much as the original, and I’ll probably be reaching for either throughout the year.

You can get O d’Azur at the Lancome counter.

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