Lancome Paris Fall Campaign

The fall ad campaign run-down is continuing!  We’ve already covered Dior, Estee Lauder, and Chanel.  Now, we move on to an image from Lancome…

by Jenna Rocca

This is only for the new Mascara Virtuose Onyx, but this image is probably the best example of Fall for Lancome.  I was not about to start talking about those bizarre photos of Anne Hathaway that they are calling “perfume ads.”  Werbowy is the face of Lancome, and that’s all I care about.  Since it is for mascara, Lancome made the best choice by going down route number: dramatic eyes and pale lips, on the Fall trend map

Lancome ad


What I’m loving about the image is that it is dominated by cool hues, taken almost exactly from the colour of Werbowy’s eyes.  And is that a shadow of a gentleman I see in the background? How cheeky!  Maybe that’s what Daria is staring at so intently. I’m a fan of huge lashes, though they look a bit lacquered with some sort of chalky clumps on them.  But ultimately, I really don’t mind.  This ad showcases Werbowy’s luminous skin and almost magical, permanent look of amazement, and it works well for the lashes being the focal point.

In order to create this look, though, be sure not to use too much eye shadow like those celebrated by Dior this season.  Use a neutral eyeshadow almost the colour of your skin all over the lid, and then use a pencil liner (like MAC’s Technakhol, my new favorite) all along the inner lashline of the whole  eye, concentrating on the outer corners.  Finish with a liquid liner on the top lid with a nice thin tail on the end.  And of course don’t forget to pile on the mascara.  Don’t use a lot of blush, though.  I wouldn’t use any

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