Last Chance to Enter The Best Conversation Ever Contest

People, this is your last chance to enter the Best Conversation Ever contest that Wind Mobile is holding.

After that, they are going to narrow down the contest to their favourite 100 entries, and then I’ll get to help pick the winner!

If you’re thinking of entering, remember that videos are better than other forms of entering, and that the best entries probably won’t include meeting Justin Beiber.

Also! If you’ve already entered, then send me a link to your entry because I would love to put it up!

Check out some of the entries from the contest. My favourite one is the one that’s in second place right now, and I think that if it won, it would have a really good chance at happening because Lady Gaga loves to reach out to her fans!

Check out the entry for yourself, and here’s an excerpt:

“She is a voice for all of us who cant or are afraid to speak out. I used to be quiet and kept to myself but now i stand up for my rights.”

The entry goes into detail about why the author needed to stand up for his rights and those of others, but you’ll have to read it for yourself!

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