Latest Empty: Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster

Retinols can really help your skin exfoliate more quickly and I’ve noticed enough of a difference that I keep using them.  Lately, I’ve been into the Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster.  1% is quite a high percentage of retinol, so this was a bit drying and extreme when I first tried it, but after a while of consistent use, my skin got used to it and I can use it everyday.

Paula’s Choice calls this a booster because you can mix it into another skincare option so that you’re diluting the retinol, but I just used it straight up on its own and that worked pretty well for me.

The product is liquidy but more like a serum than a toner or lotion, and spreads into skin really easily, which is another reason that I liked it.  I sometimes followed up with an oil if I thought I needed it, but always waited a while to see what my skin needed.  Sometimes I just went straight to bed.

Loved it enough that it’s done!

$52 online – and you can read my original review of it here. You can see my retinol before and afters here.

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