Lessons in Contouring

I couldn’t help but admire Kate Winslet’s perfectly contoured cheek at the Yo Dona awards.  Neutral blush colours work well for this, but I also keep some neutral eyeshadow on hand so that I can add counter with any blush colour I please.  MAC Wedge is awesome for this.  Keep the colour towards the outside of the face instead of towards the middle to create the shadow effect. I find that I’m so used to dabbing colour on my cheeks that it’s hard not to do it. I turn my face completely to the side and apply blush when I’m doing this look so that I can focus on placing the blush perfectly.  Blend well with a clean brush and you’re good to go!

And since we’re on the subject, I am finding that Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes are the absolute best because they’re highly pigmented and dry enough to last even the most oily or humid summer days! Stock up, ladies!

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