Lindsay Lohan’s New Hair Color – What Do You Think?

Lindsay Lohan’s new hair colour is definitely interesting. She’s been a red-head, a blond, and even in between those two, and now she’s a brunette. I don’t think I like this hair colour. It’s way too dark, and makes her hair look thinner than it probably is.

What do you think? Is this a good look for Lindsay?

I’ve talked to friends who go dark after being naturally blond or light-haired, and they say that they usually like it better. Greasy hair isn’t as obvious, and you can do darker makeup without looking overly done. They say that blonds have more fun, but brunettes are definitely in majority, and I can totally understand that everyone needs a change every now and then.

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3 Responses to Lindsay Lohan’s New Hair Color – What Do You Think?

  1. KimberlyM says:

    Girl could probably pull off any colour she wanted IF she did away with whatever shiteous tanner and bronzer she’s using…someone needs to introduce her to peaches and corals, AND find her a foundation that doesn’t look like she dipped her face in pumpkin.

  2. KimberlyM says:

    Also, if you’re gonna dye your hair dark, your eyebrows need to be dark too. Can she not afford people to tell her this???

  3. I wouldn’t call this “brunette” though. She’s dyed her hair black and is dressed a bit goth. Plus she clearly hasn’t bothered to style her hair at all so it’s more likely that it’s her lack of styling than the colour itself making her hair look thin. I don’t think it looks awful on her, just not her best look ever.

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