Lise Watier La Creme Sublime Yeux – Pressed Serum with Labrador Tea Extract

Pressed serums are a term that’s relatively new to the beauty industry in North America, but they’re actually quite popular in Korean beauty rituals.  The idea behind a pressed serum is that they take the active ingredients of a serum but put them into a cream formula and concentrate them a bit more.  The cream needs to have 60% or more of active ingredients to be able to be called a pressed serum.  

Lise Watier’s La Creme Sublime Yeux is a Pressed Serum meaning that it has a high concentration of active ingredients but in the form of a cream not a serum.  It actually has 81% active ingredients, according to them.  

Although this looks like a pretty shimmery light golden cream in the jar, the texture of it is a little like gel, and then it smoothes into a cream as you apply it to your skin.  

Said to improve puffiness and the incidence to dark circles, I found that this did make my skin more glowy and moisturized so that the skin under my eyes looked better – but I also layer retinol and AHA’s on a regular basis so I’m sure those have something to do with it too.

$85 for 15ml.

Available at The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, London Drugs, or online.

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