Lise Watier Velvet Matte Foundation Review

I love foundation and wear it daily, but the challenge is always to find something that feels light but covers well and then looks like your own skin.

Lise Watier’s Velvet Matte foundation comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a dropper, and gives the most coverage that I’ve ever seen in a liquidy foundation.  Literally one drop can cover even freckles, and you can smooth it out and blend it to get lighter coverage.  This truly is a full coverage foundation, but I love that it’s so liquidy because you can mix it into serum to sheer it out, and layer it alone where you need more coverage. Fingers are the best to apply this foundation because it’s so liquidy, and a tapping motion ensures that you’re not blending it out toomuch and you’re getting the full coverage that you want.

The finish is more of a satin matte than a true drying matte, and like any matte or full coverage foundation, this will accentuate dry spots so you have to moisturize well to actually have it not sink into lines or dryness.

The lasting power of this foundation is great: I think because it’s so pigmented and because you need so little, it seems to really stick to skin.  I powder when I use it and really love a matte finish, but my skin does get glowy after a while.  Truly, I think that’s unavoidable for me.

The foundation comes in 10 colours and they seem to be skin-true, neither too pink or peach, so it’s possible to find a shade for your skin colour.

$44 at, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, London Drugs, and The Bay.

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