Lise Watier’s Spring Collection

Usually when I look at Spring Collections, there are a few winners, and then a few products that I don’t think I would ever use.  Most people are probably like that – you rarely want to use everything in a collection and not everything will work for you anyway.

But Lise Watier’s Spring collection, Vintage Moderne, is different because every single product is a knock out and easy to wear.  Here are the hits:

The most amazing product is probably the Hydra Shine Lip Stain, a marker lip stain.  This is the new trend in lip stains, and you’re going to see more and more brands coming out with them!  They offer more pigmented colour (for the most part) and great precision when it comes to applying.

This one  gives an enormous pop of colour in a water-based formula that lasts and lasts.  The pigment is there from the beginning to the end of you filling in your lips, and this can last the day if you’re only eating lunch.  I really liked using this under the lip gloss if I was going out, and used it under something more toned down if I was staying in.

Also try their Plumpissimo Lip Gloss in Vintage Peach.  There’s the goregeous lip gloss that’s so sparkly and wonderful for wearing out.  It will go with anything and can really add oomph to any lipcolor, especially one that’s pink.

I also love the Metal Liner in Bronze which is a sparkly brown liquid eyeliner.  It is pure genius  There’s different coloured sparkles in it, and the brown adds oomph without really going overboard. It’s definitely a softer look that using black eyeliner, and I like using it with a taupe eyeshadow.

Finally, pick up the powder highlighter to round out your spring look.  It’s more of a gentle highlighter than a blush, and the pink and peach pigments add vibrance to look.

Check out the whole collection at your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart location!

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