Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse Review

You all know that I have very fine frizzy curly hair and a good hair day is a serious challenge.  Last year I feel in love with Living Proof products because they do what they say, so I’m always eager to try anything new they come out with!

Their latest product is a mousse that’s been added to their Full line.

They say the “mousse contains a revolutionary technology developed by Living Proof scientists-Poly Beta Amino Ester-1, a proprietary ingredient that creates a soft pattern of thickening points on hair to increase texture, body, fullness, and volume. The weightless formulation is flexible and lasts until you wash it out, so you can play with your style without it collapsing.”

I have used this mousse and it is indeed an extremely light-weight mousse that is totally unsticky and leaves your hair airy and bouncy. It’s best to use this on wet hair and only very close to the roots so that you get some nice height to your hair. They also recommend using a golf-ball sized amount, but you should start with half that much and add more should you really see that you need it.

Overall, this mousse isn’t as much as a revelation as the Full Thickening Cream is, but it is a really nice product that does a good job.

Living Proof is available at Sephora!

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2 Responses to Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse Review

  1. Hello. The Full Thickening Cream doesn’t work for me, I am wondering if I used it wrong. May I ask how you use it? Thanks.

  2. Henna says:

    Don’t use too much. I use about a nickle sized amount for really long hair.

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