L’Oreal Ever Strong

Just a little over a year ago, L’Oreal came out with Ever Pure – their own line of Sulfate Free Shampoo and it’s a pretty fantastic line for the drugstore. The shampoos lather really nicely even though they don’t have sulfates in them, and they smell amazing too.

This year, L’Oreal’s come out with Ever Strong – the same sulfate free product formulation applies, but this line has ingredients said to make your hair stronger.

I’ve been testing out the line, and I found that when I just used the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was left feeling super dry. But the masque that comes with the line is amazing. When I used that, my hair looked absolutely fantastic! It was shiny, bouncy, and my curls came out super defined which is always a good sign of hydrated hair.

I’m going to stick with this shampoo and mask for the next little while, because I really like the idea of everything being sulfate-free and thus less drying for my hair, but I’m going to use the mask every time I shampoo instead of using the conditioner.

Did it make my hair stronger? I’m not sure – I had the same amount of fallout as always, but it will take me going through the whole bottle to really be able to tell. As it is, I believe that taking vitamins for your hair, skin, and nails will help you a lot more than just a shampoo and conditioner can so I’m going to be sticking to that system.

You can get this whole product line at the drugstore for $12.99 a product. As I said in my original Ever Pure review, I find this line very similar to Pureology – similar but not the same – so if you’re on a budget and want sulfate-free formulations, check it out.

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