L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow Review

L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow Review is a palette of three eye shadows packaged together in strips. The premise is that you take the huge accompanying foam eye shadow applicator, and swipe in the palette and like magic, you get liner, base colour, and highlighter applied to your eye.

Not only does this definitely not work, but it’s probably one of the most ridiculous products available at the drug store. Granted, it tries to take the guess work out of putting eyeshadow on and all that, but seriously, there is no replacement for a set of proper eye shadow brushes and just learning the technique of putting on eyeshadow properly.

I am even going to go so far as to say that it’s probably easier and takes way less time to just put eyeshadow on with brushes, instead of with the brush that comes in the OneSweep kit. Forget about using the brush to put eyeshadow on my eye – I even found it difficult to get the perfect design on the back of my hand! The colours just seem to smudge together too much, and the eyeliner line is way too thick.

The colours and quality of the eyeshadow are pretty great, and I really like that they have three colours in one kit and you know that they’re all going to work well together. I would buy the palette just for the eyeshadow, but not expect it to work as it says it will.

Available at drugstores everywhere.

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5 Responses to L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow Review

  1. HAHA! Oh my goodness what a joke of a product lol.

  2. Henna says:

    I know, eh? As if it could be THAT easy.

  3. ThirtyWhat says:

    OMG … I got a test version of this and their new mascara … goodness, this thing is an epic fail. The dark liner at the bottom is spotty and it either way too thick or non-existant … the two at the top just smudge together … simply awful. They are nice colors though … when I use my own brushes with them, it looks pretty good. But that massive foam thing? Useless.

  4. Audree Elson says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about. I thought this product was fantastic.I am very disappointed that it is not on the market anymore. It took the guess work out of trying to apply eyeshadow. It worked perfectly for me. It applied the colours correctly and I did not look like a painted doll as some other products do.

  5. Melrose says:

    Hello, can you tell me where In London Ontario I can still purchase “L’Oreal The one sweep eye shadow #209

    Shoppers Drug Mart do not carry it anymore and I do not know where I can get some

    Thank you

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