L’Oreal Professional Texture Expert Sparkling Mist Review

I absolutely love adding shine to my hair, and my new favourite product that helps me do that is L’Oreal Professionel Texture Expert Sparkling Mist.  This is a lightweight dimethicone spray that not only adds shine to the hair, but tames frizzies, and also revivies hair styles.  Because it’s a spray, it’s much lighter than actually taking a serum and rubbing it through the hair.  Plus, the small nozzle of the spray lets you apply this just where you need it – in my case, mostly the ends of my hair which could always use more TLC.

I use this after styling, but before hair spray, so that I can lock in some shine, and I use it the day after styling to refine my ends.

You can get this where ever L’Oreal Professional products are sold, and that means most salons.

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