L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

The wand of Telescopic is similar to the wand of Lancome’s Fatale – the exception being that instead of 3 sides there are 4, and the teeth on the comb of each side are more pronounced. The effect however, is not like Fatale and I think that the above differences are the reason. L’Oreal claims that it’s the brush’s flexibility that allows you to reach even the smallest lashes. The brush is flexible – but it’s not as bendy as L’Oreal says it is, and I think that it’s the size of the brush that really does allow you to get to every lash.

The mascara itself promises to lengthen your lashes and it does not disappoint. When I used Telescopic, my lashes really did look longer. Moreover the formula is beautiful – your lashes are still soft and don’t feel crunchy while wearing this mascara. A word of caution: don’t over-apply. Two coats is likely enough, and if you go over your lashes anymore than that you’ll find that they stick together very easily.

Overall, I liked this mascara a lot.

$10-$12 depending on where you buy it.

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