From the Archives: L.U.C.I. from Lancome

A collection of products in packaging so unique that I’ve held on to it forever.

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The star product of the L.U.C.I. collection is a shell that holds two beautiful eyeshadows – one that provides a pop of colour and the other that gives a more subtle effect. The collection was designed by Gucci Westman-Neville and she can do no wrong. The shadow compact and its mates are inspired by seashells – hence they fit into your hand compactly and light up your skin with shimmer and pearl.
shell makeuplancome shelllancome luci
The advertising campaign shows an ethereal futuristic look but when you use the products, that doesn’t have to be what you end up with. If you ask me, the collection gives you something perfect for the Spring season – a way to wear not too much makeup, but to accent your look with as much colour as you want.

Like the Mystery Game collection last fall, the eyeshadow compacts have a certain strong weight to them. They are substantial and though meant to be used, are ideal collector’s items. The beautiful mirror inside with a pearl attached gives this collection substance and style.


I love the white shades in the shadow compact. Yes, you can use them as highlighters, but wearing them alone on the lid of the eye instantly wakes up your look yet adds colour to it.

Besides the eyeshadow, there’s also a shimmery highlighting powder called Photonic. It is sheer and completely wearable every day.

highlighter Do click on the above pictures to see all these lovely images in their full glory. All the parts of this collection truly are a magical.

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  1. Pink! says:

    Beautiful blog! Exelent pictures!! I love everithing from LCM.

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