MAC Art of Powders Collection

I swear, there was a couple of minutes back there where I thought I was totally over MAC. And then they launch a new foundation and these powders in the same month, and of course, I take it all back.

The Art of Powders collection is inspired by the modern art movement. The aim to capture the depth and brilliance but with makeup.

I was in the mood for a new bronzer so I picked up the Optical Bronzer. It is to die for.

The top is a near-matte true brown with a hint of gold pearl, with the bottom being neon hot pink with gold pearl. Applied it looks like you mixed your favourite pink blush with a bronzer. Or that your blushing through your tan. Amazing.

The other two compacts consist of a highlighter and an eyeshadow. Each compact is $46 at MAC counters until supplies last.

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3 Responses to MAC Art of Powders Collection

  1. Thanks for keeping an open mind about MAC. I will be heading to the MAC Counter. These are beautiful.

  2. Kitee says:

    Umm These are not yet sold in Canada! I went to the MAC in Kitchener Ontario (Fairview Mall) and inquired about the collection and was told it was ONLY in the U.S! all MAC products are still manufactured at the Toronto headquarters – why on earth are they skipping over Canadians then!

  3. Henna says:

    You can get them online! Yes, sometimes the collections are only sold online… there was one like this in the summer, and it sold out super quickly too!

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