Mac Cleanse Off Oil Review

I love cleansing oil, basically to the point where I find other face washes to be mediocre because they aren’t as awesome as cleansing oil. My favourite up to this point was the original creator of the cleansing oil, Shu Uemura.

Secondly, I’d always overlooked MAC skincare in the past, even though I do quite like their makeup. It always looks so sad and lonely in the corner because so much of the Mac store is dedicated to makeup. But a few weeks ago I ran out of my Shu Uemura Brightening cleansing oil, and I didn’t have time to run downtown to Holt Renfew, so I popped into the Mac store and bought this little gem, the Mac Cleanse off oil.

It’s absolutely incredible. No joke.

It smells like a lemon tart; slightly citrusy with a hint of sugary sweetness. It’s the same general idea as the Shu Uemura oil, you rub it onto a dry face to break down makeup and then emulsify with wet palms. But I literally need about half the product I would normally use if I were using the Shu oil. The box recommends washing your face with a regular cleanser if you don’t feel clean enough, but I’ve never had to do this. It takes off EVERYTHING including waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner.

The Mac Cleanse off oil doesn’t have any tricked out effects like brightening or antioxidant properties, but let’s be realistic: face wash is on your face for about a second before it slides down the drain so how much are you really going to get out of it anyway?

The other really great thing about the Mac cleansing oil is that it is 100 percent mineral oil free. This is the ONLY mineral oil free cleansing oil that I’ve ever tried, as they are difficult to find. I never like that the Shu Uemura cleansing oil had mineral oil, but I never noticed any major reaction to it, so I chose to overlook that fact. Do be careful if you have sensitive skin though, because the Mac formula contains olive oil, jojoba, bitter orange oil, lavender, rose extract and primrose oil, among other things.

You can also use this cleansing oil to clean your makeup brushes because the cleansing oil will remove pretty much everything, and the emulsification process won’t dry out your brushes. Win/win!

I would most definitely recommend this. It’s cheaper, less messy, and easier to find than the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. $24 CAD where Mac products are sold.

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Wynzie Chai is a freelance writer specializing in beauty and lifestyle articles. She has also worked as a makeup artist for several years, both freelance and on makeup counters, and has a Bachelor of Communications Degree from the University of Calgary.
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7 Responses to Mac Cleanse Off Oil Review

  1. Tracy S. says:

    Sweet! I’ve always wondered about this. Thanks for the review!

  2. Officially intrigued! Great review!

  3. Wynzie says:

    You’re so welcome! I really wanted to share this one because I was so pleasantly surprised by it.

  4. Alisa says:

    I’ve recently started using sweet almond oil to wash my makeup off. I’m not sure what made me grab it off the shelf, but I love it. Any thoughts about whether it’s better or worse for my skin than the Mac oil?

  5. Henna says:

    The only thing I can think of is that it’s not formulated to rinse clean in the way that the other cleansing oils are. They have something in them that makes them emulsify with water and wash off your skin.

  6. Wynzie says:

    the sweet almond old will probably break down the makeup, but it won’t rinse clean the way cleansing oil will, so I would probably use another cleanser on top of that. I’ve heard of people using sweet almond oil instead of moisturizer though, it’s supposed to work really well for that!

  7. Ray says:

    Great post! I need to find something, soon. My face is a mess right now, not sure if it’s stress or what, but I need to get it under control.

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