MAC Cosmetics Pencilled In Collection

MAC Pencilled In imageA little collection waits for you at the MAC Counter, and it’s called Pencilled In.  MAC has gone ahead and created lip liners to match some of their most iconic lipsticks.  Candy Yum Yum, Heroine, Ruby Woo, and lots of others now have their very own matching lip liner colour – it’s a sign, more than anything else, that lip liners are back and they’re here to stay for atleast a while.  Even the image that goes with the collection seems strangely iconic, almost a throw-back to the 90’s: bright lipstick lined with a dark purple liner.  To tell the truth, it might not be my look, but it’s not one that would be out of style at all.

Actually, it’s not that we ever stopped using lip liners.  They’re great if you want matte colour, and they’re really great if you want your lipstick to last a really long time.  But, now they’re a make-up bag essential, like the contour colour and brush.

The pencils in this collection are the traditional kind, and I would say that’s the only down side to them.  You have to physically sharpen them, and I much prefer a pencil that’s self-sharpening because it’s much easier to use on the go.  Anything that needs to be sharpened stays in my makeup bag at home and sometimes that means that it doesn’t get used as much.  Nonetheless, these pencils are nicely pigmented but not too soft, so you can use them on their side to get a uniform wash of colour, or you can use them on their point to get more pigmented finer lines.

MAC Pencilled In pencils

Lip pencil colours are:

Edge to Edge dirty blue pink / Rosy Rim muted rosy-tinted pink

Fruit Cocktail clean light-peachy coral / Chic Trick amped-up fuchsia

 Candy Yum-Yum neon pink / Talking Points bright blue fuchsia

Ruby Woo very matte vivid blue-red / Follow Your Heart vivid bright-bluish red

Nightingale mid-tone cream plum / Heroine bright purple / Cyber World intense blackish purple

Suggested Retail Price $16.00 US / $19.00

I have the Talking Points lip pencil and it’s definitely a bright rosy pink that can give a sheer wash of colour or really be used as a lip liner. It goes with Please Me, which is another lipstick I own and have worn a lot.

MAC Pencilled in LipglassThe collection also includes a Lipglass version of Candy Yum Yum, Ruby Woo, and Heroine – I have to check those out, still.  I own Ruby Woo (and yes, it’s the perfect red) but I want to see the Lipglass version.

MAC Pencilled in lipsticks

Lipstick colours (that match the lip pencils above) are:

Pink Plaid dirty blue-pink (matte) / Ravishing clean light-peachy coral (cremesheen)

Impassioned amped-up fuchsia (amplified) / Girl About Town bright blue fuchsia (amplified)

M·A·C Red vivid-bright bluish red (satin) / Rebel mid-tone cream plum (satin)

Candy Yum-Yum neon pink (matte) / Cyber intense blackish purple (satin)

Ruby Woo very matte vivid blue-red (matte) / Please Me muted rosy-tinted pink (matte)

Snob light neutral pink (satin) / Heroine bright purple (matte)

Suggested Retail Price $16.00 US / $19.00 CAD

I don’t own Pink Plaid, but it seems like a perfect neutral pink so I might have to pick up one of those.


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