MAC Holiday 2010 – A Tartan Tale Brush Sets

The brush set packaging for MAC’s A Tartan Tale is so cute that I definitely want one just for the little tartan purse that the brushes come in. Is it horrible to take out the brushes, give them to someone else, and then just keep the packaging?  I already have all the brushes, collected from brush sets I’ve bought in the past.  I must say that I also prefer the full size brushes to the smaller ones.  I just feel like I have more control when I use them and they’re easier for me to store.  I would also rather travel with a full sized brush!  Am I alone in this, here, or do people actually like the mini brushes?  They are certainly cheaper.

As with the rest of the collection, the brush sets will be available October 28th.

Here’s what the sets have in them:

Sweep Me Off My Feet Sweep & Define Brush Collection
129SE, 190SE, 212SE, 227SE, 275SE
Suggested Retail Price  $49.50 U.S./$58.00 CDN
A Lady & Her Tricks Buff & Line Brush Collection
168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE, 252SE
Suggested Retail Price  $49.50 U.S./$58.00 CDN
She’s Got It All Apply, Define & Line Brush Collection
194SE, 204SE, 224SE, 266SE, 275SE
Suggested Retail Price  $49.50 U.S./$58.00 CDN

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2 Responses to MAC Holiday 2010 – A Tartan Tale Brush Sets

  1. I agree with you. I’d rather take a bigger makeup bag with me so I can store my usually brushes. It feels awkward holding a small brush to apply makeup. The bag IS really cute though!

  2. temptu says:

    I like the pouches on this brushes. Definitely wonderful.

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