From the Archives: MAC Holiday Collection Part 1 – Antiquitease

I’m not much into holiday collections anymore because I feel like there is so much out there, but I did enjoy this one because of the packaging. And I think that bringing out a collection of best-sellers is awesome. 
This year, MAC is rolling out its holiday collection little by little. There are so many great things to look forward to! One is that the palettes that sell out likethat every fall, are now in beautiful metallic cases. Another thing is that some of the products that MAC will be releasing are best-sellers from previous years! I’ve already had a look at one of those, and there are three pretty golden-pink products from a summer collection: a blush, a lipgloss, and a lipstick.

See the collection for yourself:
Gilty Kiss Yellow gold with gold pearl (frost)
Her Fancy Sheer light pink with gold pearl (frost)
Antiquitease Copper with red pearl (frost)
Queen’s Sin Intense red with red pearl (frost)
Budding Lust Deep neutral plum (frost)

Red Romp Mid-tone red with red pearl (frost)
Corsette Dirty grey brown with gold pearl (frost)
Trifle White pink with pink pearl (frost)
Majestic Yellow gold with gold pearl (frost)

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo
Silversmith Silver blue with dirty mid-tone blue and white veining (frost)
Earthly Riches Deep plum and dirty deep grey with pink veining (frost)
Engaging Pinky beige and yellow gold with rose veining (frost)
Family Silver Dirty light silver and mid-tone
Mi’ Lady Intense blood red and rich purple with white veining (frost)

Gold Stroke Mid-tone chocolate brown with red pearl
Your Ladyship Creamy white with gold pearl
Sweet Sienna Dirty brown with grey pearl

Uppity Yellow gold with gold pearl
Blacktrack Solid flat black

Nail Lacquer
Vestral White Creamy white (cream)
Gold Veneer Tarnished yellow gold (frost)

You can also purchase the collection at

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  1. AmirM says:

    Gorgeous collection! They always manage to raise the bar hey?


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