From the Archives: MAC Holiday – Curiositease

Aren’t these little sets cute?  This are from over 10 years ago, but they made good gifts in any Secret Santa that I went to.I sure hope that you haven’t had enough of MAC yet, because there are a few more collections that are a part of the Holiday collection this season! It’s now time for a look at Curiositease! This collection is all about sets. There are sets of pigments, eye pencils, and glosses.

The first set is the warm Pigments, while the one below is cool Pigments. These sets are a great chance to try a whole bunch of different pigment colours. The sets are also good because the pigments are offered in small sizes – if you’ve had pigments before, you know that they last forever and so having a small sized bottle is actually better than having a large sized one.
There’s also a set of Soft Sparkle Eye Pencils. I think that the pencils would make great stocking-stuffers.

My favourite part of the Curiositease collection is the sets of glosses. There’s a Lipglass set, a Lusterglass set, and a Plushglass set. There are bright colours and light colours as well so you can mix and match your favourite glosses. Note that the size of these glosses is smaller also.

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