MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

I’m kind of upset at MAC.  They are known for their foundation, which is widely available and comes in a plethora of colours.  It was the first foundation any brown girl ever bought and wore because she could find the perfect colour.  And now, MAC is backtracking to the time when there was no MAC…

New! from MAC! foundation colours that match EVERY colour!  We only brought out a handful of shades, but we’re sure one will kind of match you!  And if it’s doesn’t, you can go to the many other foundation formulas that we have.

So… yeah… I’m not a fan behind the concept of Matchmaster foundation, because, of course, there isn’t a foundation that can adapt itself to any skin tone, and though a MAC salesperson can talk you into buying a foundation and saying that it’s the “best” match from the line… it might just not be a true match.

That said, if you can find a shade that really and truly matches your skin tone, check the foundation out because it’s not bad.

The formula is a dewy matte finish that stays put all day even when you don’t use powder.  Blush and highlighter blend like a dream on top of this, and your skin looks flawless but not at all like  you’re wearing a ton of foundation.  The finish is medium, but you can layer on more if the need arises.

The foundation comes in 14 shades and retails for $39.  The shades are differently labelled than the regular MAC foundations, and I find that to be problematic as well because it means that regular MAC users have to do more searching to find their perfect shade.  I am usually an NC 40, and I wasn’t sure if a 3.0 or a 4.0 would work for me, and in the end, neither were really perfect.

Pick this up at your local MAC counter.


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5 Responses to MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

  1. Audrey says:

    As someone with super-pale skin, I’m pretty excited about this. MAC doesn’t currently carry shades pale enough for me in ANY of their foundation lines, which is pretty frustrating. From what I’ve see of the Matchmaster ones, it looks like they’ve got shades that might actually be light enough for me. Finally!

  2. um says:

    you are way off in the color match. you should be a 5

  3. Henna says:

    Um, how do you know that I’d be a 5?

  4. Guess says:

    I never get it when pale skinned people whine about a brand not having shades light enough. 99% of makeup companies cater EXCLUSIVELY to you. So what if one or two don’t? Big deal!!!! Get over yourselves already. Geez!!!

  5. Guess says:

    @ Henna, this is a nice review. I totally agree with you on this! I do find myself wondering if there is ever a perfect match for me in foundations of any kind. I say this because for the ones that go dark enough or even darker than myself, I just remove the ones that are darker or lighter than me. That is not to say that what is left after this elimination is in fact the best shade for me but oh well…

    I like your description of “dewy matte finish”. That was on point. I note this because the sales person told me that matchmaster was more matte than studio tech which she described as semi matte. This has not been my experience. On me, studio tech is super matte, maybe a little too matte and unbelievable while matchmaster is as you say, dewy matte and much more believable. I like the finish but yes, it could use more shades.

    The other poster probably inferred your color match based on their perception of the NC40 you mentioned above. You obviously would know your own skin the best though.

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