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Here’s a MAC collection that I loved when it came out. Neutrals. It’s from 2008, but I think we’re going to go back to these colours because things are going to be subdued. The industry might want to go towards colours that are long-lasting instead of things that are short-term. Think of how quickly we can get bored of bright colours.

What do you think? Are the days coming where we’re going to want something bright or something neutral?

The MAC N Collection is just the thing for the season. If you’re familiar with the Spring 2008 looks then you know that there was the appearance of almost no makeup. Unsurprisingly, the look needs to be flawless and thus, products are needed. It is likely that this collection will offer at least some of what you need.

These Mineralize Skinfinish/Naturals are repromotes. You can wear them just like your regular foundation.

Soft Ochre Yellow beige
Quite Natural Dirty chocolate brown
Groundwork Mid-tone Neutral taupe (repromote)

Many readers ask me whether Paint Pots are greasy and no, they are not at all! Think of them as a stay-put shadow, much like the MAC Paints. I love these and I will be wearing Bare Study this spring.

Nanogold Sheer Yellow beige with pink pearl
Modest Tone Neutral dirty tan
Neutral Pink Dirty mid-tone blue pink
Rich Flesh Neutral warm brown
Remotely Grey Dirty grey brown
Dark Edge Dirty chocolate brown
1N Creamy white tan
2N Creamy neutral yellow pink
3N Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
4N Light chocolate brown with red pearl
1N Light frosted gold with pink pearl
2N Creamy light pink
3N Milky pastel pink
4N Mid-tone creamy brown
5N Plummy sheer brown

The lipsticks are Lustre finishes, with the exception of 1N which is a glaze, but that means that they go on sheer, which is great. You can tone down your natural lip colour or have the lipsticks work with it. I can’t wait to try these.

N Colour Creamy beige
Demi-Blanc Gold beige with green pearl
Naturally Rich Milk chocolate

If you’re wondering where nail trends are going, wonder no more. The only thing that makes sense after 2 years of blacks, blues, and purples, is neutrals.

La piece de resistance. Mineralize Skinfinishes. I can’t stop looking at these pictures, I love the Skinfinishes and they are wonderful highlighters. This season, we have the Light Flush and Warmed respectively, and I’m sure there will be one you like.

Officially, the collection also includes brushes, mascara, liners, and charged waters.


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  1. Fashion's Darling says:

    Don’t you just love Spring trends! I do. They’re either really dramatic and bold (red lips, purple nails, 40s inspired hair) or barely there (this MAC collection…pure nude). I absolutely love this post!

    PS thanks for stoping by. I signed up for my Sephora Beauty Insider card at an actual Sephora store so I got the card right then and there. You should probably just go into the store and ask for your card.

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