MAC Riveting – Matte Nail Polish

The MAC Riveting collection features MAC’s first matte nail polish.

The colours in this collection are to die for – there’s Studded which is a silver based on a black, Wham Bam Glam, which is a dark taupe, and Black Enough which is a black matte.  All the colours are easy to wear and super pretty.

Like most matte polishes, though, they dry quickly and last hardly any time at all.  I’ve tried all three colours and I find that they chipped badly the first day I was wearing them.  They are perfect if you want to do your nails right before a night out – but they won’t last longer than a night, and I wouldn’t wear the polish for a full day because I know that it’

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3 Responses to MAC Riveting – Matte Nail Polish

  1. Patricia says:

    I’m not yet sold on Matte polish. I prefer the sheen of regular polish.

  2. Henna says:

    Patricia, I agree for the most part, but the MAC polishes are ones that I really loved the look of. The only problem is that matte polishes don’t last more than a couple of days so a traditional polish is still my go-to.

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