MAC Select Tint

MAC Select Tint is what I tried first – this tinted moisturizer picks up where some other brands leave off since it is offered in so many colours. Like the rest of the MAC line, the shades are spot on and since this is a sheer tint, it’s easy to find one that works.

If I had a bone to pick with this tinted moisturizer it would be that it’s more tint and less moisture, meaning that it has more pigment in it than I thought it would. It’s not sheer coverage – it’s more light or medium-light.

Still, this product is nice because it goes on smoothly and helps even out your skin tone. I also like the bottle – you can get out as much as you need from the spout and the bottle itself is a generous size. The bottle could easily last a whole year since a little goes a long way. Also the addition of SPF 15 is a nice touch and though it does have sunscreen in it, the moisturizer does not feel heavy on the way that sunscreen sometimes can. Select Tint would work well for a variety of skin types but oilier skins will have to blot throughout the day or use a powder to set.

Final verdict: I like it but it’s too heavy to be called a tinted moisturizer. Think of MAC Select Tint as more of a light moisturizing foundation.

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2 Responses to MAC Select Tint

  1. yummy411 says:

    have you tried cover girl’s? what do you think? it was my first tinted moisturizer when i became interested in makeup.

    i wonder how the tinted moisturizer compares to the mineralized satinfinish that they came out with?

    welcome to the BBN! (i’m a member too)

  2. Henna says:

    No, I have not tried covergirl’s yet. If I can get my hands on it, I surely will though… I have a few more to go through yet!


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