MAC Sheen Supreme

Gotta check out this collection because MAC introduces a new lip product.  The new addition is Sheen Supreme Lipglass which comes in a Stila-like clickable tube.  The formula is light and not as sticky as the normal lipglass.  All the colours have pearl in them, and the finish is super pretty.  Each colour leaves a glow on your lips – there’s not much pigment, but that’s fine because it means that these layer rather well, and work with almost any colour lip or lipstick.

The colours are:

Jasmine Honey – Light cream beige (frost)
Fuji Pink – Pale peach with low level pearl (frost)
Moon Beach – Warm light beige with pearl (frost)
Cherry Fest – rose with high level pearl (frost)
Sweet Bean – Cool beige with pearl (frost)
Almond Blossom – Pale pink with high level pearl (frost)
Mango Sheen – Bright coral with pearl (frost)
Asian Butterfly – Lilac with pearl (frost)
Imperial Red Bright rose with pearl (frost)
Dress Kimono – Mid-tone frosted plum (frost)
Black Tea – Deep brown with pearl (frost)
Suggested Retail Price $19.00 u.s./$22.50 CDN

Part of the collection is also the Sheen Supreme Lipstick – this wasn’t as much of a favourite with me, because I find that the shimmer makes the colour wear lighter than it looks.

The colours are:

Supremely Confident – Pale nude (creme)
Happy Hibiscus – Creamy white-pink (frost)
Fashion City – Neutral coral pink (creme)
Bare Again – Pinky neutral beige (creme)
Tea Ceremony – Neutral beige pink (creme)
Sheer Mandarin – Mid-tone yellow orange (creme)
Korean Candy – Bright orange-red (creme)
Supreme Style – Light coral pink with pearl (frost)
Royal Azalea – Bright mid-tone pink (creme)
Blossom Culture – soft pink with pearl (frost)
Zen Rose – Bright mid-tone fuchsia (creme)
Insanely It – Watermelon pink (creme)
Asian Flower – Creamy lavender (creme)

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