MAC Studio Sculpt Collection

Definitely file this under two of my favourite products for the month of September: MAC’s new Studio Sculpt Defining Power and Studio Sculpt Superblack Lash. Both are innovative formulas that look amazing on the face.

First the Studio Sculpt Superblack Lash is a mascara that’s a new colour of one previously released.  The wand is amazing and here’s what it looks like:

MAC studio sculpt lash wand


The mascara itself is now this rich black that doesn’t have a hint of blue in it: just what I normally want in my mascaras.  Love this one, because it works so well at separating lashes and really giving you a doe-eyed look.

The Studio Sculpt Defining Powder is a setting powder that refuses to be dry and cakey.  It has the latest technology in powders that leaves your skin looking like skin.  You literally cannot put too much of this powder on!

mac studio sculpt


The powder is available in the following colours:

Light Plus
Medium Plus
Medium Dark
Medium Deep
Dark Deep

The Studio Sculpt mascara is $17.00 US/$20.00 CAD and the powder is $32.00 US/$37.00 CAD. Pick both of them up at MAC counters now.

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2 Responses to MAC Studio Sculpt Collection

  1. Angie October 2, 2014 at 7:06 am #

    Is this product recommended if I use the Studio Fix? Is this a replacement and does it provide ample coverage. I don’t like using liquid foundation on my skin.

  2. Henna October 2, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    This is a setting powder so it has little to no coverage.

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