MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

As promised, here is my review of MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation. It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve worn a MAC Foundation on a regular basis and I think that this time of year I just need something warmer to use on my face since my skin is slightly darker. I turned to MAC’s Studio Sculpt in NC 40.

The first think that I noticed about this foundation is that it goes on a little lighter than some of MAC’s other foundations and I think that’s because there’s SPF 15 in it.

The foundation itself went on really smoothly and has tencious staying power which makes it great for the summer. It also has a fantastic texture and looks so skin-like which is great. It’s medium coverage and that definitely adds to the natural look that this foundation gives.

This foundation looked great on me except when I was under fluorescent light. It was then that I noticed that the foundation was a little on the yellow side and didn’t look as natural as I had originally thought. At all other times it looked great but since I’m in fluorescent light on a regular basis this isn’t a foundation that I can wear daily.

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