MAC The Matte Lip

MAC The Matte LipMAC’s Retromatte finish is my favourite kind of lipstick.  It’s a super dry finish, even more dry than the regular matte, that almost stains your lips and doesn’t move at all.

With the Matte Lip collection MAC has released a set of new shades of lipstick.  The new shades are:

Styled in Sepia dirty cement beige

Nouvelle Vogue soft blue pink

Pander Me soft peachy mocha

Damn Glamorous bright pink red

Le Vie En Rouge bright orange coral

Fashion Revival deep raspberry

Heroine vibrant violet

Living Legend deep plum

MAC fans will recognize Heroine as a re-release, and all the colours are limited edition so if there’s one you really like, hold on to it!

The collection also includes a set of lip liners and blushes as part of the collection.

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