Mac’s Electro Flash

by Jenna Rocca

This new collection features some new tinted lipglasses and lipstick by MAC in some excellent neutrals and pinks, complemented by fierce mineral eyeshadow duos that really make the eyes pop. The lipglass has Johoba in it and is super-soft, promising to have long wear as well. The lipstick features MAC’s original, famous formula in some of the new, trendy neutrals that were all over the fall runways.

I was a bit iffy on the shadow-duos at first, however excited I was initially by the concept of mineral eyeshadow in metallics! One of each duo features a “melange of three shades,” as they are called on
the MAC website, but these shades are all blended and when you apply them they kind of go on rather muddily, especially the darker ones, so proceed with caution. For this reason I would recommend staying away from the really colourful duos like Odd Couple and Fresh Green Mix (above). I would recommend applying them with great care, making sure to blend rather thoroughly to get a more definite hue.

Once I did that, I got an excellent look out of the “Play on Plums” duo that was fairly flattering with my colouring. I was amazed that the depth of the shimmer and how much the minerals catch the light; I used the solid colour on my lid and the “melange” on the crease. The minerals also layer quite well and do not move all over the place, into creases and then fall off, like many powder shadows do. They are quite stay-put and I’m quite impressed. Mineral makeup really does cling to the skin and provides such a depth of colour that I get a shimmer on my lids that is light years away from that provided by the regular MAC shimmery eye shadows.

If you’re looking for a daily-wear neutral duo with some spunk, I’d go the Electro-Flash route!

Take a look at pictures of some MAC makeup including Mineralize duos!

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2 Responses to Mac’s Electro Flash

  1. tinku August 4, 2008 at 9:19 pm #

    These are like a work of art! I love the photo of the palette.

  2. suzie wuzie August 7, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    i passed this collection because I didn’t really know how to work it on my eyes. it’s an interesting concept tho!

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