MAC’s New Studio Nail Lacquer

New additions this season to MAC’s nail polish lines – tons of glitter which isn’t typical for MAC colours.  They’re usually the best at adding creams and fun colours, but this is about fun colours and another dimension.

MAC Spring Nail Lacquer


Colours are:

Fabulous Fete: dirty platinum with gold pearl

Tiara on Top: soft pink glitter with pink pearl

Diva Fierce: pink with gold glitter

Overaccessorized: soft peach with pink and yellow glitter

Party People: black with gold, lime green and light pink glitter

Too Short Skirt: coral glitter with pink pearl

Fashion Fizz: soft yellow glitter with pink pearl

Cyber Lime: soft green glitter with teal pearl

Kale Salad: light green with yellow and blue glitter

Sparkledust: dark blue with light blue and soft pink glitter

Spoonful of Sugar: soft blue glitter with purple and blue pearl

Cocktail Hour: bright copper with pearl

#Obsessed: pink with multi color glitter

Special Potion: violet with gold and purple glitter

Haute Octane: frosted blue with blue glitter

Rich Kid Blues: forest green with green glitter

Suggested Retail Price: $12.00 US/$14.00 CAD

Available now at the MAC counter.

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