From the Archives – Maharani Jewels from Lancome

From the archives:  Maharani Jewels is a gorgeous collection of baubles filled with makeup.

Check out the Lotus Splendour below. The pod below is beautiful on its own but it opens to reveal a collection of beautiful makeup colours.
Two eyeshadows and a lipgloss that are perfectly coordinated and go on beautifully.Though the Lotus flower is beautiful, I think my favourite product is the Poudre Elephant. It’s a bronzing powder compact with the picture of an elephant on it.
The elephant is a light pink and orange colour, while the rest of the powder is a golden bronze. I use the colours as eyeshadows but they work beautifully to highlight as well, and add a lovely glow to the face. They’re also covered with a fine layer of gold shimmer powder that goes away once you’ve dipped the brush into the compact, but the colours are so pretty that it doesn’t matter.

This collection also includes a Onyx coloured Hypnose Mascara, which I’ve reviewed before.

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3 Responses to From the Archives – Maharani Jewels from Lancome

  1. Nicole Then says:

    wow, the way it opens up amazes me

  2. Betsy says:

    So beautiful!
    I shall be sorely tempted to make the trek to the Bay to try this out.

  3. monique says:

    the whole collection is really beautiful in person! i too am amazed at the different concepts they come up with! i’m always excited to see what’s next 🙂

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