Make The Best Salads Ever

I am a life-long salad lover.  I eat a salad for lunch at least once a week, and there’s no kind of salad that I don’t love.  I make my salads at home myself, because that’s the only way that I can ensure that all the ingredients are fresh and that they’re not over-coated with salad dressing.

Mostly, I like to use Renee’s salad dressing, but when Kraft came out with their entree salad dressings, called Sizzling Salads, I just had to try them.  My favourite salad is one with some kind of protein in it, and I loved that they included a sauce for seasoning the meat that you were adding to your salad.

I used the Kraft Asian Chicken Sizzling Salads kit, and the outcome was pretty much the best salad that I had ever made at home by myself.  The kit came with a Teriyaki Ginger cooking sauce and a Toasted Sesame dressing.  Both were super yummy, but when I tossed the teriyaki chicken with the sesame dressing coated greens, the result was phenomenal!  If you like to make salads, then you have to try these kits, and especially the Asian Chicken kit.  The salad I created rivaled that of any restaurant, and I’m super impressed.

I’ve also changed it up by making a cold pasta salad using thin egg noodles as a base, and tossing veggies into the mix.  Super yummy!

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  1. ChickAdvisor says:

    I’m a huge salad lover too. I have it almost every day and I love adding fruit, nuts and cheese to it. But the one thing I am most picky about is the dressing. It has to be made from scratch and fresh. My go to is a basic balsamic vinegar with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper. I don’t usually buy pre-made dressing because it can taste unnatural.

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