Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Review

To say that I’m really into eyeliner right now would be an understatement.  I am trying every liquid liner that comes my way and posting reviews of them all.  You know that when I say something is good, it is.  My eyelids are super oily, and for some reason eyeliner has a tendency to smear all over my lids unless it’s really good.

I’m fortunate though, because it hasn’t been all that hard to find something that really works, and I promise I’ll post a full list of the good and the bad later this summer.

But for now, lets check out Make Up For Ever’s newly hyped Aqua Liner.  They say that unlike other primers, their is made with 50% polymer in its ingredients so it really does stick to your eyelids until you’re ready to take it off. The look and feel of this liner is very similar to MAC’s Super Slick Liquid liner, and that one has polymer in it also.  You’ve used a polymer liner before if you’ve tried one that needs to be manually rubbed off with just water, rather than soap.  These liners last under even the most dire conditions and are the best.

Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner really does live up to its claim of lasting a really long time.  It’s better than MAC’s liner because it comes in more colours and some of them are coloured but so dark that they look like they’re black even though they’re not.  I like mine in their basic black, and it’s such a nice rich matte black that it blends into my mascara and makes my lashes look longer than ever.

This liner is even waterproof, and will not come off until you actually rub it off.

You can pick up Aqua Liner, and other Make Up For Ever products, at Sephora.

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