Make Up For Ever Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes

Like most good gifts, this is one that I fully wish that someone bought for me, but it’s also perfect for so many ladies I know.  A couple of young ladies in particular.  Okay, actually it’s perfect for a younger cousin of mind who is just getting into makeup and loves to experiment.

She would absolutely love this gift because she definitely needs a good black waterproof liner in her kit so that she can line her lower lash line.  She also needs some fun colours to play especially because the holidays are here, and that’s why she’ll be getting her Christmas gift as early as is possible.

I love this set.  5 mini liners in one cute package so it’s portable yet has so much product – especially when you consider that you can use the liners as shadow and because they’re waterproof, they’ll stay put!

The kit contains:

– Aqua Eyes in Gold 9L (metallic yellow)
– Aqua Eyes in Bronze 10L (metallic bronze)
– Aqua Eyes in Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey)
– Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black)
– Aqua Eyes in Silver 8L (metallic silver)

It is sold exclusively at Sephora, so pick it up there.

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  1. I want this! And since my birthday falls in December I received a coupon from Sephora. Now I know what I’m going to get =)

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