Make Up Forever Lipstick and Gloss = Bananas

A while ago, Rachel Zoe extolled the virtues of orange lipstick and gloss which was seen on the runways for spring.

Guess what?  This is a trend that works just as well off the runway as it does on it.  I’ve been test driving Make Up Forever’s Lipstick in Fluorescent Orange  and Glossy Full Couleur in Tangerine and I can’t believe how much I like it.  The bright orange hue definitely enhances my tan skin and makes me feel as if it’s summer already.

More than just the colour, I love the texture and finish of the Make Up Forever products.  The lipstick is uber-pigmented yet totally not drying and goes on with a satiny smooth finish.  I like dabbing it on with my fingers to make it sink in just so.  The gloss is probably the best I have ever used.  It’s a beautiful glossy cream, and not sticky at all.

If you want the perfect lip look, I would go to Make Up Forever.  They have a wide range of colours and you can work with their lipsticks and glosses to get just the look that you want.

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