Mandy Moore’s Bun

With her new movie, Tangled, Mandy Moore makes a return to the scene, and her looks are always worth noting on, because she wears everything so effortlessly!

Such as this topknot style bun that she wore to the opening of her movie.  I think that it looks fun and quirky, and it’s even something that I might try out myself!

What do you think?  Is this a style you’d want to try?

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2 Responses to Mandy Moore’s Bun

  1. What an interesting look! I wonder how this was done. Any idea? It’s hard to tell. I’m not sure if I could get this to work in my hair.

  2. ImageMatters says:

    She looks beautiful–I didn’t think that style could go with an elegant look very well. Also her facial bone structure is well-highlighted…maybe she’s just getting older.

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