Mariah Carey at 2010 Golden Globes

I’m not really sure why Mariah was at the Golden Globes, but she is a good reminder on why one should be careful with bronzer.  Her entire top half is overly bronzed and you can even see streak marks if you look carefully.

I have nothing against shimmer – I actually love it and even put it in my hair, but you really must be careful of the coloru you are using!  The only thing I like here is the lip colour – I would like to know what colour that is.  What do you think?  Is anyone loving this look?

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4 Responses to Mariah Carey at 2010 Golden Globes

  1. Yao says:

    FYI, Mariah Carey was in the GG-nominated Precious, for which Mo’Nique won.

  2. Henna says:

    Yeah, I realized it after I posted this. She looks so glam that I totally forgot about her role in Precious, which I even saw.

  3. all my friends love Mariah Carey!

  4. I love Mariah Carey she can sing!But she hasn’t put out a latest song besides i stay in love.But the song was empressive love u Mariah.

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