Mariah Carey’s Matte Makeup at 2010 Oscars

We love Mariah Carey because she can make any outfit really glam – at the Oscars last night, she took a basic blue draped dress and added some diamonds and called it a day. I would have liked to see silver shoes on her instead of the peach (a nice glittery stacked heel would have been good), but oh well, she still came out and she deserves recognition for the fantastic job she did in Precious.

What drew my attention to her last night was her matte makeup. I really don’t think that this is her best look, and I would have liked to see her looking a little more glam last night. The blush should have been more of a bronzer, some blue eyeliner to match her dress would have brought out her brown eyes, and the lipgloss could have used more oomph. Her SAG Awards look was way better.

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