mark What A Line Felt Tip Eyeliner Review

I have a thing for black eyeliner these days, and I’m sure eventually I’ll hit a wall and have tried each and every single one out there.

But for now, I’ll talk about a liquid liner pen by mark (the offshoot of Avon).

The What A Line Eyeliner is really easy to use, and since Lauren Conrad, one of the former faces of mark, used to wear liquid liner daily, I thought that maybe she had a hand in this liner.

Unfortunately, the liner leaves a lot to be desired because it smudged before lunch time and ended up all over my eyelids.  Yes, I do have oily skin and so I need products that can stand up to the oil, but this was one of the worst liners out there because it smudged so quickly and so badly.

It costs $9 on the Avon website and I’d use it only if I had dry skin and a handle on the oil my eyelids produce.

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  1. jaynadiya says:

    aw i’m so sad to hear that! i have really oily eyelids so i was hoping this would be good for me, i loooove liquid liner.

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