Mascara Tubes

I am, of course, referring to those things in which mascara is sold when I say “mascara tubes”. As I think about all the mascaras out there that I want to try, (is it just me or is there a new one about once a month?) I realized that mascara tubes really are too big. They recommend that you throw mascara out every 3 months but it’s nowhere near finished after 3 months! I’d buy the latest new mascara but I can’t just throw out an almost full tube!

So, I propose that cosmetic companies slash prices in half and also sell us half the product so that we can try everything that’s out there and be up-to-date and well-informed on the mascara market.

OR: around this time, offer a package of all your mascaras in smaller sizes. The perfect gift for the beauty addict who wants to try it all.

Good idea, no?

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