Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Maybelline now has a brand new line of nail polish called Color Show.

Here are swatches of a few of the colours that I really wanted to try.

Green with Envy:

Wine and Dined:

Born With It:

The review is short and sweet: I’m not a fan. The polishes have an extremely watery texture that makes it hard to build up colour. In the swatches above, I’ve used 3 coats and I’m still not happy with the final result. My favourite colour is Born with It, because it’s a pretty wearable pink that would look good even if you chose to go with two coats. However, you can find better quality nail color at the drugstore (check out Gosh, if you haven’t already), so I would say pass on these.

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6 Responses to Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Review and Swatches

  1. great timing that i read this as i am headed to the drugstore and have wanted to try these out! but 3 coats- no thanks. i appreciate the honesty- going to go elsewhere for my new nail color:)

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  3. Prinzy says:

    Hi, love your swatches and your color choices. I really want green with envy.

  4. mamie tomoe says:

    Yeah I don’t like green with envy because, first of all, let’s just say i was NOT impressed

  5. Sarah says:

    Sorry you had bad luck with these! 🙁 I am absolutely OBSESSED with this line of nail polish. I have NEVER been able to keep nail polish on my nails past one or two days without chipping. I’m an artist, use my hands… This polish lasts 5 days to over a week with me! This is a big yay! I can finally wear polish. I have worn 8 colors now, all same result. (: Two coats is all I need. Revlon’s base coat & top coat also.

  6. Henna says:

    Good to know what base and top coat you used, Sarah! Right now I’m sticking with Vinylux… its staying power is really working for me.

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