Maybelline XXL Pro Volume Waterproof Mascara Review

Maybelline XXL Pro Volume mascara claims to curl lashes, and keep them curled for a full 12 hours. Yes, I was skeptical too, as curling mascaras never seem to magically curl my lashes or keep them curled for any significant time frame.

Nevertheless, I was curious because there are some pretty great drug store mascaras out there, and this one was double sided, which I have avoided in the past because I find that the primer end tends to weigh my lashes down and un-curl them.

The primer will curl your lashes to a 30 degree angle, and the black mascara side will cover the primer and set it, and keep it set for 12 hours. This isn’t how it ended up working for me at all, however.

I’ll admit, I sort of cheated with this one. My lashes are really, really straight so I curled them with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler before I applied the primer. I like to wait for the primer to dry before I apply the black mascara coat, because I find that it keeps everything from clumping together, and it decreases the ‘holding power’ of the curl. But I have tried applying the mascara before the primer dries, and that also works fairly well. Also, applying the mascara before the primer dries keeps the whole effect from being stiff, and some people like their lashes to be soft.

My issue was with the black mascara, or step 2 of the XXL Pro curl. I tried it on the first day I used this mascara, and not since then because I found that it smudged like crazy, which doesn’t usually happen to me because I live in dry climate Calgary, and have dry skin. Instead, I’ve been using Lancome’s Hypnose Drama Black on top, which has worked out pretty well so far because once the primer dries, it helps to negate the clumping tendency of the Hypnose Drama.

Overall, I wouldn’t get this if you don’t have a problem with keeping your lashes curled. But I know other Asian girls especially have this problem where as soon as you put mascara on it weighs your lashes down and uncurls them to the point where you really needn’t have bothered curling them in the first place.

The primer will keep your lashes curled for at least 8 hours in my experience, no matter what black mascara you put on top of it. I’d personally steer clear of the black step 2 of this mascara though, as smudgy mascara is just not the best look for anyone.

Around $11 at grocery stores and drugstores.

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