Megan Fox Channels Glamour

I’m sick with the flu, so I thought I’d post a picture completely the opposite of how I feel right now.  Megan Fox looked super glamourous at the Friends With Benefits premiere.  I love the luminous foundation, the berry lipstick, and the bronze eye which seems to be a major trend right now.  Think browns when you’re trying to highlight blue eyes and you’ll never go wrong.  And the blush.  I need a dose of that right now, and Megan Fox’s placement couldn’t be more perfect because it really highlights her cheekbones without an overdose of shimmer.

Do you love this look?


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1 Response to Megan Fox Channels Glamour

  1. Ginger says:

    I think her make up is perfect, and as u said bronze eyes are a real trend. She looks perfect but her cheeks are freaking me out. She’s so beautiful why did she need it:(

    Love from istanbul!

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