MET Ball 2011: Ginnifer Goodwin Bizarre Makeup

I don’t have anything against Ginnifer Goodwin – and her dress was custom Topshop which I think kind of defeats the whole Topshop purpose, but lets let all that go.  Who else matches their makeup to their necklace?  And we’re not taking about anything gold and subtle here.  This is aqua eyeshadow that matches her necklace to a T.  What do you think?  Are you on board?

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3 Responses to MET Ball 2011: Ginnifer Goodwin Bizarre Makeup

  1. lmc1971 says:

    I think she looks awesome…it’s not my taste and I wouldn’t wear the blue shadow…but fashion is about taking chances and celebrating your individuality…so in that sense she’s one of my standouts of the night. Cheers, Lisa

  2. Emily says:

    From the neck up she looks fine but that dress is awful and unflattering.

  3. Sophia says:

    I thought her makeup was stunning. The aqua eyeshadow is stunning on her; against her skin it is a nice pop of colour and stands out in a a pretty, unexpected way. I am not a fan of the necklace with that dress, but in general, I loved it overall.

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