Lets talk about a cosmetic procedure that’s quite common and can be done by people of almost all ages: microdermabrasion.

The old kind of microdermabrasion was done using aluminum crystals that were put on the skin and pushed around to slough off the dead skin. The crystals were then vacuumed off (and sometimes recycled to be used again).

You’ve probably heard of aluminum crystals before. Cosmetic companies began to use them in over-the-counter sloughing creams that were often used with a hand-held scrubbing device. Remember Susan Lucci? She used to shill for one on television. The problem with these over the counter creams was that the aluminum crystals are so small that they’re liable to clog pores. Since there’s no sucking that’s taking place, as in a professional’s office, this was something that many people using the drugstore “microdermabrasion” kits saw.

Microdermabrasion has changed now, namely in that there’s Diamond Microdermabrasion that is cleaner, and super efficient.

Now, there’s a ring-shaped head that’s attached to a machine that sucks up dead skins. The head has crushed up diamonds on it and they’re smoothed over the skin to take off dead skin which is instantly sucked up by the machine. Doing your entire face can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and there’s virtually no redness or discomfort during or after the treatment. Your skin is instantly clearer and brighter.

Because you’ve taken off the top layer, any skin cream that you use afterwards will be more effective.


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