Mila Kunis – Best Dressed

Today I focus on the few dresses that I really loved from the Oscars, and as I go through the pictures, I have to say that there are definitely more hits than misses this year.  Of course, everyone has a stylist these days, but let’s remember that they too are human and could make mistakes, and at the end of the day, the starlet has to okay the dress before it goes anywhere.

Mila Kunis, it seems, can do no wrong these days because she keeps coming to event after event dressed impeccably.

I thought that her Oscar dress was everything it should have been – sexy, flowy, formal, interesting, and most of all, complimentary to the wearer.  The violet tone seems to be made for Mila’s complexion and colours, and the dress fits her well in just the right places.  This is what I would where were I going anywhere.

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