Missoni and Missoni Acqua

I think that the concept of a variation on a fragrance is a great one. The result is two scents that are similar but not the same – sister scents, as I like to think of them. Missoni is one of these. The original perfume was launched last year and though I didn’t hate it, it wasn’t something I would wear. It smells just like chocolate on me, but it’s a soft chocolate and not overly sweet. The chocolate notes were understandable though, as this scent is for the younger customer, although I feel that if you’re older and you want a grown-up chocolate fragrance, this would work very well.

In any case, earlier this year, Missoni introduced Missoni Acqua, a fresher take on the original. This version was supposed to be beachy, but it’s not the typical suntan oil beach scent. Instead, it’s a foody beach. I definitely smell a melony fruit smell in this fragrance but it’s still fresh! Still, this isn’t a favourite of mine and I think that it’s still for a much younger customer. Overall I like how they’ve done the variation – they keep it foody and tone down some of the notes.

Launched in 2007 and available online. Ultimately this didn’t end up being a fragrance that I held on to because of the gourmande notes in it.

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