Moisturizer For the Fall: Vichy Aqualia Thermale Light

Every kind of skin needs a moisturizer for the colder months, and if you’re looking for something truly light, it has to be from the Vichy Aqualia Thermale line. This moisturizer goes on feeling light and fresh but coats skin, locking in moisture.

vichy-aqualia-thermale-lightAlthough I have oily skin, it can get a little dry in the winter and when I use retinol on it, so I like a light and fresh moisturizer during the day because it won’t clog pores.

It’s a pretty basic moisturizer with no fillers and also nothing fancy but it just feels so darn refreshing on dry skin and it literally feels as if my skin is drinking water when I put it on.

This is a fall must-have.

$39.95 online or in stores.


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