Mommy Monday: Mushies

mushiesWhere @babygourmet saves me…

Feeding kids on the go is a challenge at the best of times.  My little one definitely isn’t a picky eater, but she likes things that are easy to eat, and I like things that are healthy.  More than once, these snacks have saved me: Baby Gourmet Mushies.

I’m writing about them, because time and time again, I meet moms whose kids haven’t tried these, and once they do, they love them!

Mushies are little melting fruit snacks made out of bananas, spinach and kale, and a binding agent.  Get this: there’s NO SUGAR!

Pretty amazing, considering every other company that sells any kind of baby/kid snacks includes sugar or salt as an ingredient, and for a long time, I wanted to avoid both. Mushies are free of those ingredients are are organic.

They are $3.99 per bag, and can be found in the baby aisle of Loblaws or Superstore locations.  They also sell them in the U.S. now or you can buy online from (I often buy in bulk so that I always have them on hand).  They’re not the cheapest snack around, but they’re the healthiest and easiest to transport.


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